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The Lorax Movie Pre-Review

It was Thanksgiving just last week “Lets go see a kid flick” I said to my daughter “Yes Daddy,” she answered.  “Let’s go see one quick!”   We checked on the web, for a movie we did seek But sadly, … Continue reading

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Newt Is No Gecko

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is an interesting candidate because he has been around so long and is only now topping a recent Gallup poll for the Republican nomination, and yet as a candidate he comes pre-packaged with his own … Continue reading

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Curtains For Cain

In the 1997 movie Titanic there is a short period of time after the ship hit the iceberg and before it began to sink that no one on the ship took seriously the danger they faced.  In fact, the passengers … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: 2012′s Gerald Ford

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has written that comparing President Obama to Jimmy Carter would be a best-case scenario for President Obama.  But President Obama may be in the process of getting a lucky break. This next election might not be … Continue reading

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