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President Obama Losing To A Grass-Roots Inspired Operation Chaos

Don’t look now, but President Obama could actually lose his party’s nomination contest in this week’s Democratic primary contest in Texas.  Probably not to any one of the three candidates opposing him, but he could still get less than 50% … Continue reading

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Hey Californians: Go To Tahoe!

A few weeks ago my family and I went to Lake Tahoe for a little snow skiing.  We had a great time, except for some obvious “grade deflation” that occurred with the ski slopes.  I skied some intermediate slopes and … Continue reading

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A Breitbart-Type Reward Offered

Recall that in March, 2010, when the Obamacare battle was raging, following a walk through a Tea Party rally outside the Capitol, black congressional leaders John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver accused the Tea Party protesters there of spitting on them … Continue reading

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Carolla and Prager: The Newest Odd Couple Click On Stage

Much as I hate to admit it, there was one interesting idea from the 1981 movie “My Dinner With Andre”: the notion of just sitting down and spending two hours listening to an interesting conversation at a nearby dinner table. Well, … Continue reading

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