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James Bond: Super Spy, Life Coach

A few weeks ago a minor scandal occurred in our household when my wife discovered our 7-year old daughter had taken a bath with a turned-on space heater nearby. Almost as disturbing was the fact that we didn’t initially know … Continue reading

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When Something Is Described As “Complicated”

There is a part of President Obama’s post-convention stump-speech in which he approvingly refers to a call to make former President Clinton his “secretary of explaining things.”  After last Friday’s dismal jobs report, President Clinton has not sought to explain … Continue reading

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Colorado Democrat Redistricting May Have Left Opening For Republican Underdog

Democrats in Colorado celebrated a hard-fought victory in late 2011 when a state judge sided with the re-districting map of the recently-won Democratic majority statehouse.  Congressional districts that were safely Republican were less-so, and competitive Democratic districts became safer. When … Continue reading

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