About The Napa Whine Country Blog

Tom Thurlow is the main suspect behind the writings on the blog napawhinecountry.com. A brilliant and quick-witted person, Mr. Thurlow has been called “the most important and influential person in the entire world.”  His mother has also said many other nice things about him.

Thurlow hates kidney beans, celery and corned beef hash.  In his free time, Thurlow enjoys sleeping late, channel surfing, eating and watching other people work.

As an amateur astronomer, Thurlow spearheaded the move to have Pluto excluded from the list of officially-recognized planets in our solar system.  Once he changed his mind, Thurlow then spearheaded the effort to have Pluto re-categorized as a planet.

Thurlow was recently commended by First Lady Michelle Obama for his efforts at developing tofu and cabbage as a substitute for hamburger meat in school lunches.




Here is a quick Q&A with Tom Thurlow:

Q: how did you become so brilliant?

A: It is a long story.

Q: Well shorten it.

A: That is impossible.

Q: How about this: do you at least live in the wine country? One would think so.

A: True, I live in Napa County, California, but I live more in the state of the “whine” country, the idea that something is never too good to be reconsidered, or whined about. We live in a great country at a great time in history, but we must always be on the look-out for something to complain about.

Q: What about wine-making, without the “h”? Do you make wine?

A: In fact I do, but only as a small-time hobby.  I whine while I make my wine.  Wine-making is fun, almost as fun as writing for a website called “Napa Whine County.”  I like red wines, and right now I make cabernet sauvignon, but in the future I plan on branching out to pinot noir and zinfandel.  And it really is true that, as is Napa County tradition, any given wine tastes better when there is a person with an accent pouring it for you and asking you to confirm how great-tasting the wine is.

Q: How long have you been a stamp-collector and a bird-watcher?

A: Never! What a silly question!

Q: Well then why does it say so in your inaugural post on August 12, 2011?

A: Oh, um, well that must have been a typo.  Our webmaster/editor will get canned for that embarrassing oversight.

Q: Are you ever serious?

A: Only by accident.


Thurlow is an avid reader, too

Thurlow is an avid reader, too

OK, seriously…

Tom Thurlow is an attorney who practices law in the San Francisco Bay Area and manages the blog napawhinecountry.com. He lives in Napa County with his wife Martina and daughter Rachel.

Tom Thurlow can be reached by e-mail, only for praising and/or otherwise pleasant communications, at: lasadas@hotmail.com