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Addicts Can Learn New Lessons From An Old Movie: Stuart Saves His Family

A recent Wall Street Journal editorial speculated that Minnesota Democratic Senator Al Franken may be unopposed by former senator Norm Coleman or any other serious contender in the 2014 election.  If so, this follows a recent GOP tradition of putting … Continue reading

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Acknowledge The Plan

We need to answer the Mayor Bloomberg-inspired, self-righteous online video of celebrities who “demand a plan” to end gun violence.  The original online video, filmed mostly in black and white, features emotional, self-righteous actors who “demand a plan” for the … Continue reading

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Introduction — At Least They Make Us Laugh

It has been said that Washington D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people.  Well, in the past year I have discovered that the American political scene is like The Improv for funny people, except for those who are not intentionally funny. … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: 2012′s Gerald Ford

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has written that comparing President Obama to Jimmy Carter would be a best-case scenario for President Obama.  But President Obama may be in the process of getting a lucky break. This next election might not be … Continue reading

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